[The Lonely Boys]

  Who are The Lonely Boys?
Good question.
The Lonely Boys was from the beginning the name of a novel written by the Swedish writer Mats Olsson.

The story was about a young rhythm'n pop band located in the south of Sweden circa 1965. Mats asked me and a mutual friend Nisse Hellberg if the two of us could provide a soundtrack for this book, writing and recording what could in fact be The Lonely Boys' debut album.
What a wonderful idea.
A soundtrack to a book.
It must be a first.


Nisse and I formed The Lonely Boys together with some friends and recorded the album in 6 days and nights. Did we have a ball! All of the 14 songs are originals except Jagger/Richards' "So Much In Love". The Rolling Stones never recorded it but The Inmates did. And now The Lonely Boys.

To get the sound we wanted we used only equipment from the era; reverbs, echo chambers, amplifiers, guitars, microphones. Everything in our power was done to make the record "for real".

The debut album by a Swedish rhythm'n pop band 1965.

Nisse can usually be found in the rhythm'n blues combo Wilmer X.

And myself is paying the rent with money made from Roxette records.

We plan it to stay that way.
This is a one-off project for both of us that we enjoyed enormously.
Lots of laughs, lots of beer and a lot of love for the '60s.
Don't you wanna come?

Per Gessle, Roxette
Stockholm, March 1996.

Lasse Göransson (Thomas Holst) - bass guitar
Roland Bergström (MP Persson) - Vox- & Hammond organs, piano
Kalle Johansson (Micke Syd Andersson) - drums & tambourine
Thomas Nyberg (Per Gessle) - rhythm guitar & vocals
Richard Andersson (Nisse Hellberg)- lead guitar, harmonica, maraccas, tambourine & vocals

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